5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a School Grading Software

The use of technology is on the rise and schools have not been left behind. Technological advancements help reduce costs and mistakes that would arise with a manual grading system. You also have the added benefit of reducing your staff costs and parents getting their children results the moment they are graded.

Gone are cases where students would manipulate their results when they performed poorly; with a grading system like Saps nkra you will access your child’s report even before they do. However, selecting the best grading software is not that easy and that is why we have taken the liberty to list for you 5 critical factors to lock out for before making your purchase:

  1. Achievement Goals

The best grading softwares should enable teachers set goals for students. Learning is progressive and teachers should sit with students and make achievable goals. When end of the year results are out the student should be able to see how far they missed the mark and areas they need to improve on. Goals should be definite, quantifiable and achievable by the student. You can also include a kind of gift that would motivate the student to achieve their respective goals. Saps Nkra has is one of the best grading softwares that lets teachers and parents set goals for the student.

  1. Affordability

A good grading software should be within the budget of the school. It should be tailor made for a particular school and enable users to make certain modifications. Technology changes rapidly and you can purchase a very expensive software only to realize that it has become obsolete after a couple of years of usage. When purchasing the grading software make sure that the company has frequent updates and at affordable rates. Saps Nakra is designed to last the lifetime of your child education, we have made it easy to access school results at a click of a button.

  1. Ease of Access

The grading software should have easy access to all interested parties. From the teacher to the student and the parent all should be able to access the student’s marks from the software. Connectivity is relative and will require all interested parties to take an active role in the investment of computer infrastructure that may include computers and internet connectivity.

The software should also be easy to user use with the ability to create usernames and passwords. It should also cover all grades from primary school to high school and give progress reports on a child’s performance. Saps Nkra has an easy to use interface that makes it both teacher and student friendly.

  1. Transferability of results

Students due to a range of factors like sickness, change of jobs by parents, may decide to relocate to another school. The grading software should have capabilities of transferring student’s marks to another school. With saps data import had been simplified and a child who transfers can easily have all their results since they were put in the system in one place. With online result checking system like saps ibu bapa, your child’s private information like name, date of birth, parents name and contact details can easily be transferred to another school. This gives continuity of the school system.

  1. Backup and Security

There is nothing that worries an IT manager like losing all their data. Losing crucial data when you have taken years to store them can potentially cripple and organization. This does not have to be the case, in today’s world hard drives have bigger and better storage capabilities than before. The world has also made significant steps in the area of cloud storage. As the IT manager in the school you will need to perform regular backups and as frequent as possible to prevent any loss from accidents. The place where you store the main frame computers should be secure and there should be limited access to the facility.


Selecting a suitable is essential for the growth of any school. Like the Saps, it’s a very useful tool that helps a school better manage their students’ score and gives instant access to concerned parties of a student’s exam results. Parents at the comfort of their home can easily access their child’s reports online even before they do.

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