8 steps to check exam result with saps ibu bapa

Parents are now able to check the exam results as well as the test results of their children online. They can check the results of the tests 1, test 2, the midyear exams, the year end exams as well as for the UPSR (Trial Exam for Primary School Evaluation Test) and the PT3 (Form 3 Exams) and SPM trials (Malaysian Education Certificate).


The exam results for the students can easily be accessed through this system. The SAPS Ibu Bapa is for the students and the parents, while the other part of SAPS is for the teachers or the educators. The parents are interested in the SAPS IBU BAPA, where they can access the child’s academic performance online. They can access the child’s results from primary school all the way to the secondary school through this system. This is done by putting in the year of examination for the child.

The steps of checking the exam results online

The process of checking the exam results online for the children is quite simple and easy, even for those parents or guardians who are not very computer friendly. It can be checked from anywhere and anytime. It requires the following simple steps:

  1. The parents must visit the official website of the SAPS which is: http://saps.moe.gov.my/ibubapa2/index.php
  2. The next step is to enter their child’s either the birth certificate number of their identification number. There is no need to enter any special charchteristics, such as dashes or signs or space. Only the number, for example: 001123345
  3. If the identification number is approved or matches the one they have in their database, the user may proceed forward and go on with the next step.
  4. The next step is to look for the child’s school, in the “school search”. Then they have to choose the right State and click on the button that says, “Look Here”. The state that the user has selected along with the list of schools will be shown. The user can select their required school and click on the button that says “Select”.
  5. Then the user has to choose the Year they are looking for.
  6. Then the user should click on the button that says, “Check Report” and they will get a sub menu to choose from. Then they should select the type of exam that they want to view.
  7. The next step is to click on the option for displaying the examination marks or the examination result slip.
  8. The parents or the guardians may also print the results for their record from the results page from the top left.

It is important to remember that the tests or the exam results may only be viewed or be accessible after the deadline which is set by the MOE (ministry of education) for each exam so that it can be ensured that the marks have been entered on the system. The users should also make sure that their mobile device or the computer they are using to view the results is equipped with the PDF software, the Adobe Reader, because that software is needed to read the exam files. The parents or the guardians may also check the previous exam or test results through the same method and application.

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