Choosing the right school for your child

After making that decision to have a child the second most important decision you will make as a parent is the school they should attend. A good school makes or breaks a child. Selecting the best school for your child can be challenging but if you know what you are looking and the importance it plays in your child’s life you will look till you find the right one. It is not necessarily true that an expensive school will produce the results that you want. We have taken the liberty to give you some factors to consider when you are selecting a good school for your child.


Your child will be spending most of their time in school and you should select a school with excellent teachers. Try getting as much information as you can on the teacher’s background; where they come from, religious beliefs if any, educational levels and whether they have kids or not. You can inquire on this when making your child’s application. You should check how a school treats its teachers; if they are mistreated they will also mistreat your children, if they are frustrated they will not perform their work cheerfully. A good school should have a system to evaluate their teachers. Teachers should also engage in the advancement of their educational levels.

Extra-curriculum Activities

The popular saying is that, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. A good school system should offer children more than good grades. It is important for the child to engage in sporting activities. Games are crucial in developing leadership skills in the child and help build team work amongst children. They are also critical in building interpersonal skills and help a child interact with other children. Avoid schools where children do not have time to play games especially in pre-school. Check the sport facilities and select a school that offers a variety of sports.

Parent – teacher associations

A good school is the one that encourages interaction between teachers and parents. The school should have parent’s day where parents can delve further into a child’s performance. This is also a great time to learn what plans the teacher and school have for your children. The school can add games where parents interact with their children while it in school. It is not enough to just check results from the Saps ibu bapa system but the parents physical presence in school is very crucial. It also speaks volumes to the child that the parent is concerned about what happens in school. On parent’s day parents should be encouraged to ask questions and seek for ways to improve a child’s performance.

Consider your child’s unique needs

After all the research has been done at the day this is all about your child and his/her needs should come first. If your child does not like the school they are going to, then nothing you do will make them change their minds. You should consider whether your child has any special needs that may need extra care. Does your child need extra tuition to improve in certain subjects or they disable in a certain way. Look for a school that will take care of these special needs.

Location of school

The ideal school should be near your neighborhood. The child should easily access the school. A nearby school comes in handy in case of emergencies as you can easily reach your child. It also makes it easier for a child to reach school in time without getting tired. If the school is farther away the school should provide a mode of transport. Schools that have implemented the saps grading system have the added benefit of fast access to children’s results.

Selection of a good school is challenging and tiring. There is not perfect school for your child but a suitable school that carters to your child’s needs are always within reach. A good school is crucial in modeling a child to be a responsible adult. You can always seek the advice of friends and relatives when selecting an appropriate school for your child.

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