Friends to avoid while in school

Making friends in school is very important while in school. Students should be encouraged to interact with others while in school; this is healthy and can lead to long-term alliances. While making best friends there are some people you should avoid at all costs. These are friends who will lead you astray and lead you into making wrong decisions. Parents can be play an important role in helping their children select good friends. While in school avoid these kinds of friends:


Avoid bullies at all costs. They will not only lead you into trouble but what they do destroys another person. Bullies are often responsible for low self-esteem among students. If you know cases of a child been bullied you should report it to your teachers before something worse happens. Bullies usually have issues of their own and attacking other is there way of handling internal conflicts. Hurt people hurt other people. Teachers can investigate a bullies personal life to find out whether the bullies are not subjected to physical violence at home. The best schools tend to have counseling departments that help children handle bullies.

Critical Friends

Some people are just critical of anything that you do. These type of friends should be avoided at all costs because you will eventually start doubling yourself. Students should remember that you eventually become the friends you surround yourself with. If they are critical you also become critical. Self-confidence is usually developed when one is a child. Look for friends who encourage you and see the potential in you. Self-doubt is the number one way in which people fail to achieve their dreams. As you encourage yourself seek to find the best in people; no one is perfect and we need to appreciate people as they are.

Sexual Perverts

You should avoid any friends who touch you inappropriately. Any unwarranted sexual advances should be reported to the authorities. Inform your favorite teacher when this happens. Sexual defilement at an early age can lead to various self-esteem challenges when a child grows up. They also leave mental scars that will take time to overcome. But, when detected early they can help a child grow as an individual in a healthy way without carrying extra baggage. As a junior reduce the chances of been sexually violated by playing with children your age. Sexual harassment should be reported the moment it happens and perpetrators reported to relevant authorities. Know how your child is performing by using the best grading system in Malaysia. Saps is developed to help better grade school exams.

Friends who help you make bad choices

While in school there is that friend who always leads you to trouble. He/she may be the coolest kid in school and everyone is trying to be with them, but there path is always filled with trouble. This is the friend who encourages you to go to a party when you should be reading or who smokes pot once in a while. You may feel like you are the envy of your friends when you are with these friends but in the long term the friendship can be costly. If you have friends who are always getting you into trouble, it may be time to ditch them.

Selfish Friends

You should avoid friends who are always thinking of themselves. These are friends who take advantage of you. They avoid sharing what they have with you. Selfish friends are like parasites and have the ability to suck all your energy. Avoid friends who are always talking about themselves.

Final Thoughts

Making friends is very important while in school. Good friends who are always there for you should be cherished at all costs. Avoid people who make you feel bad about yourself or who tease and bully you. Parents and relatives can help you select friends who will last a lifetime. Friends you make in school will be with you later in life.

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