Guide to change password in SAPS NKRA

SAPS for the Examination Secretary (SUP)

The examination secretary (SUP) acts as the main manager in the school and is tasked to register all classes, class teachers and Head Master/Principal (PGB) in the school. The role of the SUP is to supervise and complete the data in SAPS. The SUP is responsible in ensuring that the student’s examination data is inserted correctly by the class teachers and subject teachers. To change password, teachers can ask SUP to do so.

Guide to change password in SAPS NKRA

There is a Change Password (Tukar Kata Laluan) button that enables users to change their password easily. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click on the Change Password (Tukar Kata Laluan) button
  2. Enter User ID
  3. Enter Old Password
  4. Enter New Password
  5. Enter New Password one more time for confirmation
  6. Once complete, click Send (Hantar) button


Teachers are not encouraged to share single password among themselves. Teachers should set a strong password as the portal is accessible to the public. To ensure there’s no leak or manipulated data in the portal of SAPS NKRA, teachers are not encouraged to let any students to use their laptop.

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