How a student should use SAPS to improve exams result

SAPS, that is “Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah” is a School Assessment Analysis Program that is web based and allows the analysis of the exam results of the students online. It can be accessed by the parents or the guardians for constant monitoring of the students exams results and test scores. It is set up by the Ministry of Education throughout the schooling system in Malaysia to provide convenience to the parents and the teachers as well as a constant tool for monitoring the performance of the children in school and having a web based approach for it.

Great tool for monitoring school results

This tool is great for the parents and the guardians as it helps to keep a track of how the child is doing in school as far as his academic performance is concerned. It also shows the overall attendance of the child in school. Nowadays both parents are working parents and sometimes have to travel for work as well, which means they are unable to constantly monitor how the child is doing in school, or they may be unable to make frequent visits to the school to find out how their children are performing. Most children are sometimes secretive about their grades and their academic performance at school and may hide the facts if they are not performing well. They might skip out the information and only provide selective details to their parents and this way, unless the parents visit the school or attend a parent-teacher meeting once or twice in a year, they would never know how their child is performing at school. This system is the answer to such problems and helps the parents or the guardians to be in constant touch with the child’s academic performance and development in school as the parents can check the results of their children online as they become available, from anywhere and anytime. Now they do not have to rely on their children to tell them how their test was, instead they can log on to the system and check it for themselves. Since this system also provides details of the previous results, the parents can also compare results to find out whether the child has improve in a certain subject or is failing. This part of the SAPS program is referred to as the SAPS Ibu Bapa.

Great tool for recording school results

The other part of SAPS that is relevant to the teachers is the SAPS NKRA. This system helps the teachers to directly put in the grades for the students on the system, rather than manually recording them. This way the performance of all students can be judged simultaneously and this also helps the ministry of education and other state education departments as well.

Great tool for students to improve their test results

When the students are on the same page as their parents, this will help them do better in school. They might have been hiding their true results at home from their parents and now with this system of SAPS, the parents knowing exactly how their children are performing in school, the parents can may be arrange for extra help at home for the kids in the fields or subjects they are not very good at.

The students can monitor themselves how they are performing in school, through looking at the historical data, like the previous exam ad test results at a glance and it can help them either:

  • To get motivated looking at their exam results improving and to do even better
  • They can strive to improve themselves in the subject where they see their grades are falling

This way they will not have to speak to any other individual to tell them where they need improvement, as sometimes the children get intimidated when someone tells them they need to improve their grades, nowadays the students are quite mature to handle this on their own, along with supervision.

The students also get easy access to their results and their grades and there can be more of a communication between the children and the parents when they are both on the same page and aware of how the kids are doing in all the subjects. The children can be motivated to do well in the areas they are performing well and given extra help in the areas where their grades are falling. Sometimes the parents might not even know their child is into music or art and through this system, they might get to know the child is doing exceptionally well in a certain area where they can focus for the child’s future education as well.

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