How to Submit Examination Marks in SAPS NKRA

Submitting Test/Examination Marks

To start the process of submitting marks in the system, click on the Examination Marks (Markah Peperiksaan) button.

  1. Choose Class and Subjects required
  2. Enter the marks for each student in the space provided
  3. Once complete, click the Save Record (Simpan Rekod) button

REMINDER: Please ensure that the NUMBER of Students taking the subject is correct.

TH = Not Present (Tidak Hadir)

1 = Minimum Marks

Submit Marks in SAPS NKRA

Submit Marks in SAPS NKRA


Click on the TOV/ETR Marks menu to access the determination of TOV/ETR as follows:

  1. Choose Subject/Class that is taught
  2. Enter TOV and Target data
  3. Once complete, click Save Target (Simpan Target) button

Then, Click on PRINT TARGET icon to print.

Lastly, Click Trash Bin icon to delete all TOV/ETR data for the class.

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