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SAPS NKRA (School Examination Analysis System)

The School Examination Analysis System (SAPS) (or in Malay it is known as sistem analisis peperiksaan sekolah) is an online application introduced by the Education Ministry in 2011. SAPS was introduced to collect, store and analyse internal examination data in schools throughout Malaysia. It is part of the School Improvement Toolkit (SIT) used to track the performances of schools and features a centralised online database management system that provides an efficient way of obtaining information and monitoring the performances in each school.

The implementation of SAPS is hoped to improve the speed of transmission and data analysis for school information to be passed on to the Ministry. This online information system complements the SIT which analyses factors such as the strengths and weaknesses of a school based on its administration, teachers, students, parents and infrastructure. The SIT is an initiative under the Government Transformation Programme’s (GTP) Education National Key Results Area (NKRA) designed specially to improve the performance of schools in producing quality students.

A system for multiple parties

SAPS NKRA has been developed as an online system to enable access by multiple parties such as the MOE, JPN, PPD and schools. The analysis is based on the national grading scale used in the country. With this system, parents and other parties will be able to access the system and obtain the information they need without having to request it at the school. SAPS will also act as an Early Warning System for the management through the analysis of Take of Value (TOV), Actual Result (AR) and Expected Target Result (ETR).

The SAPS NKRA portal can be accessed through the following link: https://sapsnkra.moe.gov.my and can be accessed by class teachers, subject teachers, the examination secretary (SUP).


To access this system, one needs to register a User ID and Password.


Log in using access code

For users who have registered, they will need to log in to the system by using their Access Code and Password as follows:


Setting for type of examination

The setting for type of examination will display a green status if the test/examination is still active or open, in order to input results or update any information. You may click on the Open (Masuk) button if the status is in green.


User profile

Ensure that the name, position and school displayed is correct, The image below shows the display for Subject Teachers who are online.

Subject Teacher’s Menu

1. Before starting any work of entering marks or updating, choose the required menu.

2. Registering a subject

Subjects teachers need to register the subject that they teach beforehand by clicking on the Register MP (Daftar MP) through the Subject Teacher’s Menu (MENU GURU MP), as follows:

  1. Choose the required Year
  2. Choose Class
  3. Enter the Number of Students taking the subject (Bilangan Murid Ambil) in the space provided
  4. Once complete, click Send (Hantar)

When you go back to the Register MP menu, you will be able to see the list of classes and subjects which have been registered.


Update a Subject

Each subject that has been registered can be amended or deleted through the Update MP (Kemas kini MP) button, as follows:

  1. Choose the Year required
  2. Choose Class
  3. Choose Subject that needs to be updated
  4. Once complete, click the Save or Delete button


Any question about the usage in SAPS NKRA can post a comment below, we’ll try our best to answer your doubt.






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