Negative impact of keep seeing your past exam result

SAPS has recent as well as older results

The SAPS keeps the details of the student’s performance on the system and the results are stored in order to make comparisons and to provide details how the child is doing. This helps to understand the trend and whether the child is continuously performing well in a particular subject or alternatively continuously failing in a subject. It also helps to find out which areas the child is performing well, over time or with help.

Advantages of having historical data of results

Having a history of the child’s examination and the test results on the system means comparisons can be made and details can be stored. There are many advantages this can have for the child’s academic growth and development as well as for the parents to figure out and plan how to tackle the child’s performance in school.

  • It helps to make comparison between the older results and the new ones.
  • It helps to find out whether the failing or the high grades is a one off achievement or an ongoing trend.
  • You can figure out at a glance where the child is failing and where he is performing well.
  • If the child is taking extra help in a subject, you can check whether there has been progress from the previous test results to the new ones.
  • If the child has to move to another town or another city the school year will not be affected and the details of the child’s previous exam and test results can be transferred to the other school since it is all online.
  • The areas where the child is performing well, those subjects could help motivate the child to do even better and continue performing well. It could also signal the interests of the child in a particular subject which the parents can take notice of for the child’s future educational pursuits.

The negative impact of seeing the past exam results

There can however be a downside to seeing the past exam results where the child is not doing so well. The past exam results shows how the performance of the child has been over time and seeing those results might be de motivating or demoralizing for some students. They might have been trying really hard but seeing the failing grades or bad results might make them feel it is not good enough and they might just end up giving up. The child can be de motivated looking at his or her bad exam or test results in many ways. It may be through:

  • The child may be taking extra classes or extra help to perform better and his grades might not been improving or the improvement may have been very little, this can really have a negative impact on the child and they might just give up trying.
  • The child may be a straight A student and may be doing really well in school but he or she might have had a single bad day or a bad test results which will be available on the system and as a reminder to them every single day. This can prove to be de motivating for the students.

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