How a Parent can help their child succeed in school

Many parents have left teachers with all responsibilities in regards to their children’s growth. While children may spend most of their time in school and with teachers, the parents still play a crucial role in a child’s progress. It should be noted that many parents are full time workers with 9 to 5 shifts and when they get home may be too tired to even check their homework. A parent is the child’s first teacher and whatever happens at home can have a direct impact on a child’s education. If a child lives in a hostile environment where parents are always fighting or one of them is an alcoholic, this will reflect in a child’s grade. We have listed some ways parents can help their children better perform in school.

Parents Should Attend School Meetings

Parents should make the necessary steps to know their child’s performance in school and should make every effort to attend parent meetings. When parents are more involved in a child’s academic progress children will perform better. The parent should know who their children’s class teachers are, whether their children are involved in any extra-curriculum activities and whether there any disciplinary issues with their children. In case the child has special needs this can be discussed with the teacher and provisions made for extra learning. This is also an opportunity to learn more about your child’s private live: is the child been bullied? Who are your child’s best friends? Is a child experiencing any form of sexual harassment? Do they like the school? Answers to these questions can only be found when a parent attends meetings at school. Saps gives parents the see their child’s performance at home.

Study Environment

The environment that a child is raised in will have a direct effect on a child’s performance. If the child is overwhelmed with home based chores at the expense of their homework they will end up performing poorly in school. Parents should ensure the child has enough time to study at home; buy them a desk and chair with a lamp on it. As parents you should note that whatever you do affects a child both mentally and physically. If parents are always shouting and fighting each other or parents are always drunk in the presence of the children then this will have a direct effect on the child’s school performance. If you want your child to excel in school and as an individual create for them an environment that is positive and full of unconditional love. Saps Ibu Bapa is a web system by KPM which lets parent’s view their child’s results online.

School Homework

Teachers cannot do all the work when it comes to a child’s education. Homework helps a child practice on what they have learned in school and makes them more responsible. A child should see homework as essential in creating an effective work ethic. Parents can support children in doing their homework by: turning off the television, not overwhelming a child with house chores and creating a well light working area. Besides saps ibu bapa online checking of end year results, parents should check their children’s homework on a regular basis. It is not about getting all answers correct but whether a child clearly understands what they learned in school. Saps will work with you to better understand how your child is performing

Education Accessories

Parents should equip their children with all necessary school tools in an effort to make them learn better. You should prepare a high calorie breakfast for your child before they go to school. Research shows a high energy content breakfast will help your child with memory retention and concentration and is a sure way to reduce fatigue while in school. You should also buy all the necessary school reading materials and ensure your child’s school uniform is neat and clean.


A child should sleep for between 10 to 12 hours depending on the grade; lower grades require more sleep than the older kids. Parents should live to the mantra, “early to bed, early to rise”. As a parent you should ensure that children do not spend bed time watching television, playing video games or chatting on various social media platforms.

So, A child’s education is a combined effort between teachers, the child and parents. Parents who are more involved in their child’s school performance tend to get better grades than those who don’t.

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