Positive Impact of the Social Media on the child’s Education

Social media may have a lot of negative effects on a child’s education but there are several benefits to it. The key is to find a balance between the two. As a parent it is inevitable that your child will finally find themselves in various social media platforms. The pressure to conform is real and those children who are not any social media platform may find themselves cut out from their friends and may end up depressed and suicidal. It is estimated that there are more than 2.67 million active social media users with the majority of them been the youth. So what are some of possible benefits of social media?

  • Communication

Social media accounts let us communicate with family and friends in a fast and effective way. You have the ability to instantly share photos and videos at the click of the button. Humans are social beings and we need each other to survive. Communication is a healthy way through which we share our lives with each other. In the old days people would have to travel for long distances just to see there long lost relatives. It was not unusual to find people losing touch with each other and relatives becoming lost. Social media lets us interact with almost anyone from across the globe. Through social media people are able to find their long lost friends and find new ones on the platform.

  • Information

Children on social media tend to know more than their peers who are not. We live in the age of Information and social media platforms are a means to share this information. Children are able to improve their grades in history and sciences. It should be noted that young children have been known to perform crucial first aid procedures through social media. Children on social media are more aware of their environment than those who are not. They are also up to date on various global topics affecting their world. This social awareness comes in handy when children are selecting courses that will determine their career.

  • Inspiration

Children can draw a lot of inspiration from those they aspire to be. They can easily interact with their role models on social media. Parents should nurture their children to follow people who will have a positive impact in their lives. Popular food and travel blogs may inspire a child to follow a career path in the food industry or journalism. Pop figures should learn that a lot of your people are looking up to them and they should take a lot of caution when posting stuff on their social media pages. So if a celebrity is smoking crank online children are more likely to imitate them but if the celebrity is into saving the planet through green technology children may also take the same approach.

  • Reading and Writing

Children on social media are able to read and write at an earlier age than those who are not. There are thousands of You tube videos that children can watch and improve their grammar skills. It is not all about violence; parents can search the net for positive videos that are relative to a child’s growth and download them. Since children are in major social media platforms they can easily learn how to write properly. Though, this is a double edged sword as continuous use of memes and harsh tags can lead to improper grammar. Some children can mistake various slangs to proper words of communication.

  • Security

Social media can be used by young people to raise concern in case their rights are been violated. While we may have cases of cyber bullying social media may help expose bullies if they children are given a platform to vet. Cases of sexual harassment can be reported through social media platforms as long as the children feel safe when doing so.

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