The role of Information Technology on Education

We are living in a digital age and advancement in technology has brought changes in different industries across the globe. There diseases that where life threatening a few years ago which thanks to technology have been eradicated. Communication has greatly improved as people can talk with each other from across the globe at a fraction of the cost. The education sector has not been left behind in these technological advancements. The Saps ibu bapa (sistem analisis peperiksaan sekolah) is for example a online checking system that lets parents view their children’s school results from the comfort of their home. Gone are the days when a child would change their school report form before they got home. So what are some ways that information technology has improved the education sector.

  • E-Learning

Improvements in technology have enabled students from rural areas access education that they could not afford. With just a tablet and a fast internet access a student from a remote village in Malaysia can access the same education facilities as one in a proper school. This has also greatly reduced the cost of education amongst very poor people. It also enables people with special needs get personalized care without enrolling in an expensive school. Students also have the added benefit of working at home. Saps nkra meanwhile had ease the schools to key in the exam mark through the implementation of technology, that is changing how school grades are processed.

  • Research

This is one of the best benefits of advancement in information technology. We all know having unlimited access to information online; this has greatly improved research. Imagine the amount of books libraries would have to hold that people can freely access online. Someone in Africa has the some resources online as someone in North America. Researchers can post their thesis online for easy access by anyone interested. Better research has led to quality thesis papers. Teachers can also be get up to date on any developments in their industry online.

  • Children with Special needs

It is now way easier for children who are blind and use braille access quality education. There are applications that let blind people read for exams, watch news and even play online games. These improvements have enabled disabled to even make calls and receive messages like normal people. Technology improvements have even helped children with autism improve in their learning.

  • Progress reports

With IT teachers and parents are better able to follow a child’s progress reports. You can easily set performance goals for a child and track how a child performs against the said targets. In case a child chooses to change schools they can carry with them their e-results to their new school. Teachers need to take courses in IT so that they can remain relevant advanced softwares. In Malaysia teacher use saps nkra to do mark submission so that the student can access their grade after the exams.

  • Change in Curriculum

Advancement in technology has led to demand of IT courses as students try to study relevant courses. There is no single industry in the world that has not embraced IT. The current education curriculum will need to undergo drastic changes to embrace technological advancements. Gone are the days when what a student requires when opening school is school books; children of the future will be joining school with tablets that have been customized with the school curriculum.

  • Online Jobs For student

There is an increase in how children are accessing information. Many companies have turned to creating online jobs in an effort to reduce staff costs. Online companies are able to access a wide pool of talented people from across the globe. Teachers will not be left behind as students prefer to acquire their education online. It is very easy to create an online course and students find them suitable as they can read them whenever they want and they are not restricted to a class room. Online jobs may lead to some teaching jobs becoming obsolete while at the same time creating new ones. Teachers will have to be up to date on the latest technological advancements.


The world is fast changing and adapting to various IT developments and the education sector has not been left behind. Many people who could not access education facilities are now able to get an education thanks to technology.

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