SAPS helps bridge the gap between parents and the teachers

SAPS is a great way of keeping tabs on how the child is doing in school and performing academically. It helps the parents to know on a constant real time basis where their child is doing well and which area or the subject needs improvement. Nowadays most parents are busy and are working and may need to be travelling as well. This leads to them having less frequent visits to the school to speak to the teachers how their child is performing. Only when the child is either failing or misbehaving will the parents be called in for a meeting, or just for the annual meeting once or twice in a year. This leads to a lack of communication between the parents of the students and the teachers, as well as lack of information on the part of the parents as to how their child is performing at school. Maybe their child is doing exceptionally well in school and so there has been no need for the parents to come to school, while at home the parents might have been hard on the child with school work, not knowing he or she is doing well in school. In order to bridge this gap and to create more information and knowledge between the parents and the schooling system, this web based portal is ideal where the parents can know where their child is standing academically.

Analysis of the results by the parents

When parents check the exam results of their children online, they can know instantly where the child is failing and which subjects they are performing well in.

If the child is not performing well

  • The parents can see which subjects the child is failing and provide extra support to the child in that area, in order to help them perform better. They can even speak to the teacher regarding that as well as have a word with the child himself to figure out why he is unable to do well.
  • The parents can also look at the historical results and the past exams details to figure out whether the child is continuously failing or is it just a onetime thing.

If the child is performing well

  • If the child is doing well in a particular subject, the parents can motivate him or her so that he or she can do even better in the future.
  • The parents might not have known the child has a liking towards a particular subject and maybe speak to the child whether he or she is interested in that field as a future educational prospect.
  • The parents can see the historical trend, whether the child has always been good in that subject or is it a recent trend.

Analysis of the results by the students

The student can also see at a glance where they are failing and which areas they need to focus or work on. The students can have a word with their teachers or their parents if they need extra support or if there is a subject they just do not understand, since the teachers, the students and the parents are all on the same page with identical access to the information through SAPS Ibu Bapa system. The student can be treated maturely to have their figure out themselves as well, how they want to improve their grades and providing them the relevant support and the guidance that is needed for them to perform better.

SAPS helps bridge the gap between parents and the teachers

Overall, this system is a great tool which helps to analyze the exams and the test results of the students all over the country, not only is it beneficial for the students and the parents but also for the teachers, the educators as well as for the state through which they can monitor the overall progress in the field of education.

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