SAPS Ibu Bapa to check exam result online

What’s SAPS Ibu Bapa

Parents and guardians will be able to monitor their child’s academic performance at school, anytime, anywhere. They will be able to obtain and download information such as number of subjects, scores, position in class, attendance records, average grade and grade subjects based on examination results slip (which also contains scores analysis). All this can help parents in planning their child’s education.

Examination results from primary school all the way to secondary school can be accessed through SAPS Ibu Bapa. This is done by entering the relevant year of examination. Among exam results that can be checked through this site include:

  • Test 1 and Test 2
  • Mid Year and Final Year Exam
  • Trial Exam for Primary School Evaluation Test (UPSR), Form 3 Exam (PT3) and Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM)

However, the full results for the UPSR, PT3 and SPM examinations can not be checked through SAPS. For these results, please refer to your respective school or contact the Examination Board, Ministry of Education (MOE) or the State Education Department (JPN).

The Advantages of SAPS Ibu Bapa

Parents can monitor the progress students by checking the marks and grades of their children’s exams. Although exams are just one way to identify the academic aptitude of a student, frequent review of the grades of a student can be an effective way to determine the overall performance and behaviour of the student.

With SAPS, parents and guardians are not only able to do online reviews regularly, they can also analyze previous test and examination scores throughout the year. Parents are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their children and identify subjects which require more focus.

Accessing SAPS Ibu Bapa

The following are the simple steps for parents to access the SAPS site:

  1. Go the the official website

login saps ibu bapa

  1. Enter child’s identification number or birth certificate number without any dash signs or space. For example: 901102244425

If the identification card or birth certificate number entered is in the SAPS Ibu Bapa database, parent.guardians/students can go to the following steps.

Go to the School Search (Carian Sekolah) dan choose the state and click the button Look Here (Cari Di Sini). The list of schools in the state you selected will be displayed. Choose the required school and click on the Check (Semak) button.

  1. Choose the year
  2. Click the Check Report (Semak Laporan) button and you will see the submenu.
  3. Choose the type of examination required

step-1-saps ibu bapa

  1. Next, click to display examination result slip or examination marks

semakan keputusan saps ibu bapa slip keputusan

Sample of student examination results displayed in SAPS Ibu Bapa.

To print, click on the print button on the top left of the results page.

Review of the latest examination results can only be done after marks have been entered completely according to the deadline set by MOE for each exam.

Please ensure that your computer or mobile device is equipped with the Adobe Reader (PDF) software to enable exams slips to be opened. You can also check the examination records of previous years through the same application.

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