SAPS is proven to helps parents to monitor their child’s school performance

What is SAPS

Saps is a system that is developed to analyze the exam data of children in school. It is an online program and it can be accessible to any party such as the parents themselves as well as the State Education Department, the Ministry of Education and the Regional Education Office at school as well. This system is quite beneficial for the parents as well where they can check the results of their children exams by just going online to the website, rather than having to go to their children’s schools. The SAPS School Exam Analysis system that is used is divided into two parts,

  • One part is used for the educators or the teachers, that is the SAPS NKRA
  • The other part is for the Parental use and is called the SAPS IBU BAPA

How SAPS will helps the student

  • The parents get to the know the results of their children’s performance in real time as the Saps revision system displays the student slip results score and this way the parents get to know exactly where their kids stand academically.
  • It helps the parents to figure out where the children are weak in studies or which subject requires more time and effort for them, since all this information can be viewed at a glance. SAP measure the performance of the students and also analyzes the test results data and this way the parents get to see their children’s performance in school, in all their subjects.
  • There is no need for parents to have a word with every individual subject teacher and they would know from the scores where the child is lacking and where it needs improvement, this way the parents can simply set up a meeting with the relevant teacher, if required rather than meeting all the teachers.
  • This system helps the parents to monitor their child’s performance where ever they are. The parents might be working most of the time, or travelling and may not have the time to physically visit the school and having a system like this helps them to stay in touch with their child’s performance in school.
  • This system helps the parents to keep an eye on what and how the child is doing in school. This helps to monitor the child’s attendance, the number of subjects the child is taking in school, the results of the test scores, etc. This helps to monitor their children’s performance in school and plan ahead for their academic journey.
  • Through this SAPS system, the parents can monitor the current as well as the past results of the child. This helps them to know at a glance where the child is lacking and what subject needs more attention. This technique is also able to draw attention to where the child is doing well, for example the parents might not be aware of the child’s liking towards arts or towards music, but he or she might be doing exceptionally well in such subjects which can help the parents to discuss the child’s future plans with them. The SAPS system, through the past results is also able to predict the future results of the child based on the analysis of the past results/trends.
  • The process is quite simple and easy. The parents do not have to do much and simple have to fill out relevant details regarding their child on the internet and this way they can easily access all the relevant data on their child’s performance.


SAPS is a great system for parents to monitor how their children are doing in school. The best feature of this system is that the parents do not have to physically visit the school to have a word with the teachers and even if they did, it is usually just once or twice in a year or sometimes as per the need. This system, however keeps the parents involved in the progress of their child throughout the school year and in all subjects, where the child is doing well and where the child is doing not so well. The parents also get to know at a glance about their attendance level as well. This way they know how to tackle the child at home and where they need to have a talk with the child about. Overall, this system is ideal for gauging the children’s performance in their studies.

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