SAPS NKRA for teachers and its advantages

SAPS NKRA for class teachers

Class teachers can access the system to input examination results for each student. With this system, the workload of teachers can be reduced as previously, they had to input the results data for all subjects before analysis could be performed for the entire examination. SAPS NKRA allows for the early identification of students who may require additional assistance through the insert and update class information, subject information and data of students under his or her care monitoring of their academic performance. Class teachers can access this system to. Class teachers also enter marks for each subject for each examination or test.

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Advantages of the SAPS for teachers

Class teachers are assigned to enter data in to the relevant computer or online system as ‘extra work’. For teachers who are not very skilled with computers, the work associated with these online systems may cause discomfort, particularly with some systems that are not very user-friendly.

Elements of innovation in the teaching field are essential create a more structured system. When teachers have done their job key in the marks of exam into the system, parents then can access to another system called SAPS Ibu Bapa to access to the result of exam of their child’s. Efforts involved in using ICT so far have been taken to improve the teaching process. With a structured system, teachers will not be burdened in handling and preparing documents, and can focus on improving the quality of teaching.

In addition to the benefit of SAPS NKRA as a tool to facilitate the transmission of digital information, SAPS NKRA also enables teachers to conduct examination analysis more efficiently and effectively. Teachers only need to enter the scores into the system. Analysis can not only be done according to the scores for each subject, but teachers will also be able to visualize student’s year-round performance or mid-year performance. This is especially useful for a subject teacher to determine the level of mastery of a particular student and to provide effective feedback when meeting with parents. SAPS NKRA also provides accurate and thorough information regarding the level of achievement of a student.

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