SAPS NKRA helps teacher to increase their teaching capacity

Since technology has taken over most of our lives, why should method of schooling or the teaching or the grading be any different. This new method of grading is where everything is record on a web portal by the teachers regarding the students. The student’s academic performance such as their test results and the examination grades as well as their attendance. This web portal can be accessed by the parents so that they are aware of how their children are doing in school. Moreover, other state educational bodies also have access to this portal where they can view the results based on the school or the state in order to make long term educational decisions regarding that area.

SAP NKRA and SAPS Ibu Bapa

The system, sap is best understood from two parts. The SAPS IBU Bapa is part of the parents of the guardians where they can have access to their children’s educational or academic achievements. They can view their child’s previous results as well, in order to compare whether their child is doing better or worse and in which area he or she is better at and where do they need to pay more attention. The SAP NKRA, the other part of SAPS is the part that is for the educators or the teachers, where they use it to input the student data. What marks they got in their test results or their examination.

The SAPS Nkra is a great help to the teachers in helping them focus on the area that matters the most – the teaching itself by reducing the effort they take for office chores and use their energy and their resources solely for teaching only.

Helps them to become technologically advanced

The world is changing very fast and everything is becoming high tech, including all methods of teaching. The teachers or the educators using this system can also become technologically advanced as well since most of their work will become computer intensive and rather than carrying loads of paperwork, it can simply be done on a few clicks of the mouse!

Helps in storage and retrieval

Having a grading system where the teachers can enter all the test results and the examination results on the web portal means they are being preserved and stored for future uses. This also helps in the analysis of the students and to figure out at a glance which students are doing well in a particular subject and which students required more assistance.

No more parents teacher meetings

With this system in place, it reduces the need or the requirement of having parents’ teacher meetings. Sure, there should definitely be one at least at the end of the school year but during the year it would reduce the need for having to speak to their parents regarding their children. Only those students who are failing in a subject or there is a need to speak their parents, can be called in for a meeting otherwise it would save time and energy from both side to have unnecessary meetings.

A database can be maintained

Another great benefit for the teachers of this system is that with the recording of the students exam and test results, all academic performance of all the students is recorded on the system which can be used and can be retrieved as it is stored in the memory. This helps to make comparisons and to predict as well as to compare the performance of one student over time and amongst each other as well. This helps the teacher to find out this information at a glance rather than having to work it out.

Ability to transfer

This grading system is unique in another way that since it is online, it can be accessed all over the country easily. So if a student leaves the school in the middle of a school year due to any reason, such as his father’s job change, the new school that the child will be going to can have access to the child’s previous performance and will be able to help the student accordingly. This saves the time effort and the energy for the teachers and helps them to adjust more quickly with the new student.

Overall, the new system introduced by the ministry of education – SAPS NKRA which is for the teachers is the ideal form of schooling system for the educators. Overall, it helps teachers to save so much time, energy and focus. Ultimately it helps educators to focus entirely on leveling up their teaching capabilities and making positive impact on the quality of the national education.

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