There’s recently been a major change to SAPS Ibu Bapa. It’s now possible for parents to check the results of their child’s school exams online. This will end the case of kids changing the marks written on their report cards before they give them to their parents. It’s important to note that it’s available for certain types of results in the system. They include:

  1. Primary School

Standard 3, 4, 5, and 6 can now check the results for test1, test 2, mid-year exam, year-end exam, and Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) trial exam results.  

  1. Secondary School

This includes Remove classes and Form 2, 3, 4, and 5. Parents can check the results of test 1, test 2, mid-year exam, year-end exam, and trail exam results. This is based on the form parents’ kids are in.

The steps for checking the grades are very easy. First, the parent should go to saps ibu bapa. The good thing is there’s no log-in needed. Then the parent must enter the Identify Card/birth certificate number of the boy/girl.  Then click the radio button to pick primary/secondary school. The next step is to click ‘Semak Laporan.’ Afterwards you can pick the particular result you wish to see.

The SAPS Ibu Bapa System has MA and MR codes. This distinguishes between subject names that are similar for upper/lower secondary. For instance, Additional Mathematics is just for upper secondary. So MA means upper secondary.

Malaysian students are very dedicated to earning high test scores, they use SAPS Ibu Bapa at least 3 times in a year to get to know their exam result of the three major exams. This shown result is almost everything in the Asian families. It’s quite common for them to burn the midnight oil studying for exams and complete projects before the due date. However, there’s been some criticism about the country’s educational system. Here are some issues that have been highlighted:

  1. Students don’t use enough critical thinking

This might seem like an off characteristic to mention about students so what’s it about? It’s been argued that Malaysian students often just memorize facts and figures. However, critical thinking is also important in the workplace, for example. Book knowledge can help to prepare students for work but critical thinking will make it easier for them to solve problems in the workplace.

  1. Students focus too much on exams

The education system in Malaysia is very exam-focused. It’s common for students to just focus on scoring higher on their tests. The idea is that the more A’s a student earns the more intelligent they are. Exam scores are certainly important. However, it’s important for students to keep in mind that the abilities of a person aren’t limited to their scores on exams, although now through the SAPS Ibu Bapa the parent can check their child’s result online at anytime.

  1. Students don’t have leadership skills

It’s also been argued that many students in the country don’t have the qualities required of leaders. In order words they’re often followers instead because it means they’ll have fewer responsibilities. This kind of thinking can affect student’s characters as they’ll stay away from big tasks and choose to go with the flow instead. However, this could have a negative influence on the people in the workplace since workers are often required to be in leadership roles as supervisors, managers, etc.

Anyway, what’s your thought on the new online SAPS Ibu Bapa system?

Detailed guide on logging into the system can refer to this post.

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