Time management tip that a student must know

Time management is crucial when in school. It helps a student from falling behind on their assignments. Students who lack these skills tend to be procrastinators and often find themselves submitting homework late or are always fatigued. There is a need for a balance between class time and other extra-curriculum activities; you do not want your child who is a book worm with no time for interaction with other kids’. On the other hand a child who plays all the time will find him/herself falling behind in class work. Time management is essential to a child’s success while in school. We are going to discuss some easy ways to better manage your time:

Make a To do List

Even adults have one and testify to its effectiveness. A to do list shows you tasks that you need to accomplish in a day. They are listed according to priority. This would include a time to do your homework, play, watch television, do house chores and a time to sleep or relax. Parents should work with their children in drafting an appropriate to do list that does not overwhelm the child. The to do list can be hanged somewhere the child can see the moment they wake up. The back of the bedroom door or refrigerator door are some common places that a do to list is placed. This is not only helpful when doing homework but children who learn to prepare on rend to be more responsible when they become adults. Saps system helps teachers while at school prepare grading systems for children.

Get Adequate of Sleep

Lack of enough sleep can be costly to a child’s mental development. Ensure that your child sleeps in a comfortable bed. Before going to bed you should ensure that you have turned off your smartphone to prevent interruptions. Children who have between 7 and 8 hours of sleep tend to perform better than those who don’t. Sleep helps the body relax and rebuild itself. It is also crucial for memory recognition. You can encourage your child to take a warm bath or some warm chocolate just before sleeping.

Avoid the Distractions

It is difficult to your homework while the television is on. Specific time should be allocated when a child will do their homework and when they will play. Parents should allocate a space or room where homework is done and where there are little interruptions. Friends can be informed that this is homework time. House chores should be minimized if they interfere with a child’s assignments. Parents should also assist the child do their homework and help the child correct any mistakes. It can be worthy to buy your child an alarm watch that enables them take responsibility of their time.

Social media is one of the greatest tools that is stealing students time. Children should switch off their phones when it comes to homework time.

Don’t forget to do Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is greatly encouraged in the growth of a child. Time should be allocated for play time. Exercise helps reduce various cardiovascular diseases in children and helps in boosting mental reserves. Children who are physical active tend to be more alert in class than those who don’t. Parents should encourage their children to take various sports while in school. Children who engage in sporting events make better leaders, know the value of team work and are able to handle crisis better. For example, through Saps ibu bapa you can check the activities your child is involved in.

Plan for Exams

Many students who have not learned to manage their time tend to study during the last minute. This is because they have been spending their time concentrating other non-essential activities. This often leads to poor performance. Children should start preparing for end of term exams the moment school begins. This can only be possible by having a daily schedule and submitting all the class work assignments on time.


Time management practices are crucial for the success of any student. Parents should sit down with their children in making a practical schedule that works. The schedule should incorporate both school and extra-curriculum activities.

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