Why ko-kurikulum are crucial to a student’s performances

For a child to be an all-round individual they need not only excel in academics but excel in sporting activities. These should be encouraged by both teachers and parents. A good school should provide facilities for these activities and should allocate specific times when children can play. Facilities should cater for all school levels; preschool to high school. Sporting activities are a good way to reduce cardiovascular diseases in children and can prevent children from becoming obese. They also help children build social skills as they interact with each other. We are going to explore major benefits of extracurricular activities.

  • Leadership Skills

Children can be taught from an early age how to take leadership positions when they engage in games that require one to lead the team to success. Games such as soccer, rugby and basketball may need a student to step up and take up a leadership position. The moment a child wins in games there self-confidence and self-esteem is greatly increased. It also teaches a child how to win fairly and how to lose gracefully. Children who engage in sports have better coping mechanisms than those who don’t. It should be noted that some of the most successful people in society are usually involved in some type of sports.

  • Team work

Nothing builds team work amongst students like gaming events. The child is taught to appreciate their colleagues and work as a team. Children will learn when playing soccer, basketball or rugby that teamwork is very crucial for the team to win games. This eliminates selfishness and is a good way to make long-term friends, as students share a common interest in games. Children who are fully engaged in sports are more confident and can interact with colleagues better than their friends who don’t. Children who engage in sports tend to be kind as games forces someone not to be always thinking about themselves.

  • Reduction in cardio-vascular diseases

The health benefits of playing games are numerous. The first is that it reduces the risk of contracting various heart diseases as the body burns fat into energy when a child is fully engaged in a sport. Children who play a lot of games tend not to be obese. There is also increased mental alertness because physical activities help pump more blood to the body. Physical exercise requires one to push themselves beyond the limit; these life lesson when applied in academics usually leads to better grades.

  • Time Management

Children greatly involved in sports are better able to manage their time than those who don’t. To succeed in games and in the classroom needs one to be very time conscious. Creating a timetable and following it up to the detail requires a lot of self-discipline. These skills help students to be responsible adults later in life. Games are also an added benefit when students are making college and job applications.

  • Exploration of Interests

As a child it can be hard knowing what you want to do in life. But, when you engage in extra-curricular activities you may try something that you really like and turn it into a career. You cannot know what you are really good at unless you try different things. Your passion may lie outside the classroom in maybe singing, swimming or painting. The best schools tend to have a variety of activities that children can engage in. Our advice is trying everything that is thrown your way till you find one that you really like. There are many successful people who have succeeded in sports careers that begun while in school.

Extra-curricular activities are essential in a child’s growth and should be highly encouraged for proper child development. A balance is however required to prevent a child from playing at the expense of their studies. Students playing sports have better mental toughness than those who don’t. They are better able to handle crisis and pressure. Schools should invest in sporting facilities and should incorporate sporting activities in the school curriculum.

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